Independent lady!

I like to think that I am pretty independent and always have been. I was paying my own way at 17 and was already on my way to becoming a Mom. Yes, I have had to rely on family and friends a lot over the years, but I think I have done a pretty kick ace job at standing on my own two feet.

Anyway, back to the point. My car battery decided to die this last week. I knew it was a fairly inexpensive and easy fix, but I was certainly not looking forward to it. One person in particular kept asking if they could just do it for me, save me the trouble. I of course declined as I usually do when someone offers to help, but then he continued…he never made it sound like I flat out could not change my own car battery, but he was questioning it, no doubt about that. I of course took that as my personal mission to change this battery all on my own…with no ones help. Here is how the night unfolded…


Look! I bought it! I even got the right size and everything! No help needed! (and yes, I did ask the cashier to take a picture of me with my battery…pretty sure he thought I was completely bonkers)

Then the most complicated part of the entire process happened…carrying the battery out of the store. Holy moly, never under estimate how heavy those things are! I even broke a few blood vessels from it…


Okay, I know…I am a baby, its not that bad…

Then it was off to my moms house. I had to use her garage because it was already dark outside and my apartment complex does not have great lighting.

After a few trial and error moments, it was accomplished!


I sent this doubting individual all my pictures proudly (and with a slight tinge of stubbornness) to show him that I was in fact capable of doing this. He apologized for ever doubting me and congratulated me on my amazingness.

and here is where the story gets really interesting…

I didn’t change the battery. Yes, I gloated in my “I can do anything” to him, but in reality, my Step Dad did all of the work. And now, he is reading this, with either a huge grin on his face, or an evil scowl. Waiting for the text message to come through….

Moral of the story…sometimes, you just need to ask for help. It really does make life so much easier. You cannot always be all on your own, it just gets too lonely.

So a big thanks to my Step Dad, Bob, for changing out my battery and letting me temporarily take all the credit for it ;)

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